The Difference between Feathers and Down

Some people make the mistake of thinking the terms feathers and down are interchangeable, but actually, they are very different. It is important to know the differences to decide which type of down pillow, comforter, or mattress topper will suit your needs and preferences, not to mention the budget. Feather pillows consist mostly of the whole feathers, quills and all, in their original flat state.

Feather Pillows

These feather pillows will flatten quickly and will not last a long time. The quills tend to poke through the outer layer and can poke or scratch the skin. People choose feather pillows because they are cost-effective. There are no ratings for real feather pillows so quality is the same. They are available in different sizes and density.

Down Pillow Products

Down pillows come in clusters that range in size from a US dime to a US quarter. That means no quills to poke people while they sleep. The down pillows are more durable and will remain soft and fluffy for several years into the future with proper maintenance. Down is measured in fill power and is rated accordingly.

The higher the fill power is, the higher quality of the pillow or comforter. Down is also softer and warmer as the fill power increases. The finest quality is found in luxury 850 fill power pillows and beds. These pillows will also last the longest. As to be expected, down is more expensive than feathers.

The Type of Down

There is goose down and duck down. The goose down is considered better because the clusters are larger and there are no odor problems, as is the case with duck down. An experienced company will use Hungarian white goose down for all down products. It is light, safe, and comfortable. Visit for more information regarding goose down pillows and down comforters.

Goose Down Pillow Guarantees

Products are backed by not one, but two guarantees. The first is a thirty-night comfort guarantee. If products are not comfortable, return them within thirty days of purchase. The second guarantee is a ten-year one that guards against defects in workmanship. The company is confident in their goose down pillow and comforter products because they have been in business since 1983.

Go to for details on all product lines and pricing. Educational information on several topics related to pillows, beds, and making selections are also available online. Maintenance information is also offered on the website. A down pillow is an investment, so take excellent care of it, use a pillow protector, and enjoy the softness for years.


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